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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Multilingual support across the platform.Provide self-serve language selection option in your student’ native language with multilingual support.
Subscription & Payment OptionsClasse365 subscription and payment options include credit card and international wire transfers.
Classe365 Features and Pricing Rate Card
Login Credentials: Username and PasswordThis article details out everything you need to know about a user's login credentials.
Mapping siblings to a parent record in Classe365This documentation briefly describes all about the sibling mapping with parent record using the default student attributes
Student Report Card - Enabling/DisablingThis documentation briefly describes all about the student's report card enable/disable feature in various places
How to Sign Up to Classe365?How can I register into Classe365 ?
Advanced Payment Rules in CRMThis article talks about the advanced payment settings in the CRM module
Computer Specification for Using Classe365Classe365 is optimised to work on minimum computer and bandwidth specification, however for optimum result, we recommend the latest versions
Login to the user accountAfter you have signed up, Logging into the user account
Why Emails Sent From Classe365 are delivered into Spam or Junk Folder?This article discusses the email issue of messages landing in Spam and Junk folders.
Locking Academic Session in Classe365This article describes the process of locking an academic session
Enrollment StatusThis article details out the different enrollment statuses and its corresponding implications in the system.
Academic SessionsThis article describes what Academic Sessions are all about and how it can be used for managing your school's academic structure.