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Multilingual support across the platform.
Multilingual support across the platform.

Provide self-serve language selection option in your student’ native language with multilingual support.

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Classe365 administrators can now configure the portal to work in multiple languages, so students, teachers and parents can view the platform in the languages they speak.

To ensure the best experience for users, our multilingual support is offered as Core Translation and Google Translate language widget.

Core translation packs are verified by native speaking translators who have verified and translated system-wide content. With Google Translate we are now supporting a total of 108 languages.

How to enable Multilingual Support?

To enable multilingual options, go to Settings --> Organisation Settings--> Multilingual. From this screen, you'll able to enable Google Translate or Core Translation option.

Once the language options are enabled, users - students, teachers and parents will be able to change the default language from the multilingual icon on the top menu.

View of Google Translate language selector:

View of Core Translation selector

What if I need core translation for languages that are not listed?

Typically, under our enterprise pro plan, we can provide localisation packages as POC files for our customers to change or edit the language or terminology accordingly. Request our support team for further information.

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