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Academic Sessions

This article describes what Academic Sessions are all about and how it can be used for managing your school's academic structure.

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Academic Sessions supports another level of hierarchy in Classe365's academic structure set-up. It's used for managing study periods such as Academic Terms, Academic Year, School Sessions and the like.

Here are some examples of an Academic Session.

  • Year 2020-2021

  • Batch 2020

  • Semester 1 2021 / Semester 2 2021


1. Academic Structure will stay the same across different Academic Sessions. The set-up for Classes, Sections and Subject will not change regardless if it's a past or current academic session.

2. A new academic session is like a blank slate. This means that students are not yet enrolled in this session.

For ex. A grade 1 student in SY 2020 needs to move up to Grade 2 in SY 2021.

Past Session : School Year (SY) 2020

New Session: School Year (201) 2021

In this case, you need to create a new session first for SY 2021. Once done, you can enroll the student to this new session. For more information on enrollments, please check out this article.

3. Certain settings will also return to default, such as the items listed below. This means that you can create an entirely new set-up dedicated for an Academic Session.

  • Class Schedules

  • Teacher Subject Allocation

  • LMS contents

  • Attendance

  • Assessment and Grading

If you want to keep to old settings, you can also duplicate it from the past session to the new one.


You can create an Academic Session by clicking on the icon found in the middle top part of the page.

You can set a specific cycle for your Academic Session by putting the start and end date information. You can also put a status update, either In Progress, Upcoming and Closed.

Status definitions:

  • In Progress - This becomes the current academic session, and marks the session as ongoing.

  • Upcoming - This status is used for when setting up academic sessions in advance.

  • Closed - This marks the session as completed and done.


Once you have created Academic sessions, you can go back to it and edit its details by clicking on "All Academic Sessions"

Aside from the edit option, we have also provided the setting to Lock and Unlock an Academic Session. When it's locked, users will not be able to access and edit the information under it, plus it will not appear in the Academic Sessions dropdown.

For example, "School Year 2018" has been locked. Therefore, the dropdown is not showing "School Year 2018" anymore from the list of all Academic Sessions, as seen in the photo below.


You can copy the settings of one academic session to another using the duplicate function.

Below are the following settings that can be duplicated.


Default session is the primary session which gets automatically pulled up in the different parts of your account like in the Manage Student page, Attendance and Assessments. The system recognizes it as an active session therefore the locked status and delete permission is prohibited.

You can make a session as a default by placing it on the top order of the list. Also, another session needs to be Unlocked and In Progress, so the system can assign the default status to an alternative Academic Session.


  • How does this affect Student Enrollments?

Academic Session information needs to be entered when enrolling students. It's a required data when adding students in the system.

  • What's a Current Academic Session?

All existing users prior to the release date of this new feature will have their data fall under Current Academic Session. It just means that the Academic Session is currently In Progress.

  • Can I access and edit the data of past academic sessions?

If the Academic Session is not locked, then users can easily navigate through the data of past academic sessions. For example, administrators and teachers can go back to a previous academic session and view/edit student information like Attendance and Grades.

  • Who can create Academic Sessions?

Only Super Admins are allowed to manage Academic Sessions.

Questions? Contact us through the chat support interface


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