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Student Report Card - Enabling/Disabling
Student Report Card - Enabling/Disabling

This documentation briefly describes all about the student's report card enable/disable feature in various places

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The Student Report Card allows teachers, administrators, and the student's parents to easily track the student's progress in academic courses and other areas of performance. Classe365 has a set of features that would allow an organization to have control over the visibility of report cards in various places.

The following steps shall give you an overview on disabling/enabling report cards.

1) Enable/Disable Report Card - Global/Organization Level

Super-admin can disable the "Assessment & Grading Module" completely for entire organization from Org Settings > Modules On/Off

Here, super-admin can disable the assessment & grading at user level.

2) Enable/Disable Report Card - Academic Session Level

Organization super-admin OR sub-admin with "write" permission to Assessment & Grading module, can disable the report cards at "Academic Session" level, from Modules > Student Information System > Assessment & Grading > Grade Setup

This setting will be applied to the academic session selected in the top-menu

3) Enable/Disable Report Card - In Bulk For Selected Students

Admins can enable/disable report card in bulk for a group of students in bulk from

Modules > Students Information System > Students

Select Student Records > Enable/Disable Report Card

4) Enable/Disable Report Card - Individual Student Level

Admin can turn off the report card by visiting the student profile, and selecting the report card that needs to be enabled/disabled.

5) Enable/Disable Report Card - Individual Student in Assessment & Grading Module

Admin can enable/disable the report card from Assessment & Grading Module's Report Card tab


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