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How to Sign Up to Classe365?
How to Sign Up to Classe365?

How can I register into Classe365 ?

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How to Sign Up to Classe365?

  1. Enter the following URL in the address bar of the browser -

  2. The following window is displayed.

3. This opens up the registration form as shown in the snapshot below.

The form has the following inputs:

  1. Organization Name - it is the name of your organization.

  2. Full Name - organization management admin name.

  3. Email Address - can be the organization admin email (confirmation email is sent to this email address for account activation).

  4. Contact Number - phone number of the organization admin.

  5. Username & Password - credentials to access the account as admin.

  6. Sub Domain - it is a unique name (can be your organization short form) it is used to access your account.

​      Note :

  • Please input all the mandatory fields.

  • The "Contact Number" shouldn't have special characters or country codes (country codes are autopopulated by selecting the country flag).

  • If the sub-domain is already taken, please find the alternative sub-domain name or contact support team for assistance.

  • If the confirmation email with link for activation isn't found in your inbox, kindly check your Spam/Junk Folder.

After submitting the form, you get a successful message for signup and an email is sent with a confirmation link to the registered email address.

For any queries on signing up for a fresh account, kindly contact [email protected] or reach out to us using the in-app chat tool found in our web page bottom corner.

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