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Classe365 Features and Pricing Rate Card
Classe365 Features and Pricing Rate Card
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Classe365 offer modular pricing structure. Customers can opt and pay for features and functionalities that they use. Below table gives detailed insight on Classe365 functions and pricing for each module.  

Classe365 Pricing is based on two criteria;

1. Number of Student on Core Module: 

Core modules is the foundation module that provide everything needed to start run any type of educational institution. Depending on the number of students on core-module pricing varies. Please see below table for more information.

2. Add-on Modules Opted:
Add-on modules can be added depending on requirement. Add-on modules are based on activation and not on student numbers. You can have unlimited students on any add-on modules. 

Enterprise pricing applies when student count is more than 1000. Pricing starts from $23/student/Year or $2/Student/Month. Enterprise pricing includes access to all add-on modules. 

*Right-click and open image in new tab for larger view. 

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