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Why Emails Sent From Classe365 are delivered into Spam or Junk Folder?
Why Emails Sent From Classe365 are delivered into Spam or Junk Folder?

This article discusses the email issue of messages landing in Spam and Junk folders.

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The world of email deliverability can be a frustrating place–have you looked at your email stats lately and wondered why your emails are going to spam? There are many reasons why your emails are redirected to the Spam folder. Chief among them are your email list health, authentication status, content value, and your diligence in checking the email metrics.

There are several cases when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) marks your email as SPAM.

  • High complaint rate -  If too many users are flagging your mail as spam, ISPs will take action and will start sending your mail to the Spam Folder.

  • High Frequency - This is the number one reason subscribers either hit the Spam Button or Unsubscribe from an email stream. ISPs want to make sure that their users’ mailboxes don’t get crowded. In order to protect their users from email fatigue, they start junking the messages.

  • Sending to inactive users - ISP's monitor the users’ level of responsiveness or engagement. Based on these metrics, ISPs decide folder placement - whether the email goes to the Inbox or if it gets Junked. 

  • Inadequate content - ISPs are protecting their users from inappropriate content with the help of spam filters. Using the wrong words or even characters in your email can trigger the spam filters and therefore throw your email in the Spam Folder. The key thing to remember is that a spam filter is trying to remove commercial advertisements and promotions. To prevent this from happening, kindly take a look at this link - 100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases to Avoid.

In case wherein your emails are constantly sending to users' Spam and Junk Folders, it will be best to contact the support team so we can whitelist your domain.

For more information please write us at this email address - [email protected]

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