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Classe365 Core vs Add-on Modules | Billings & Payment History
Classe365 Core vs Add-on Modules | Billings & Payment History

This documentation will cover the billings in Classe365 and invoices to payments made in Classe365 subscription

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Classe365 provides subscription-based software services that are typically hosted on the cloud and accessed through a web browser or mobile app. Classe365 subscriptions can be billed either monthly or annually, and typically include access to the software, access to customer support, and periodic updates and upgrades.


Classe365 is modular, and has the following module system.

  1. Core Module (Student Information System)

  2. Add-On modules


Core module is the main part of Classe365, and it contains the SIS, here are some of the highlighted features of Core Module:

Core module is priced based on the number of students active in the organization, and the pricing structure is as follows:

Core Module (Student Licence)

Monthly in USD

Yearly in USD (10% Discount)

1–100 Students



101–500 Students



501–1000 Students



1000+ Students

Contact Support

Contact Support

To subscribe to the core module, go to Account > Billings

Select a plan and subscribe, for the first time, the system will prompt you for a credit/debit card details, this info will be saved in the secure payment processor (Stripe) for auto-renewals in the next billing cycle.


Add-on modules are the additional packages that will help organization boost up the platform, the add-on modules are as below:

Sl #

Add-On Modules


Price Monthly (USD)

Price Yearly (USD)


Fee & Invoice

Student Invoices & payment management




Finance Account

Chart of account





Managing inactive students





Managing physical products, and course purchases





Student activities in learning journey, quizzes, online assessment submissions




CRM & Forms

Pre-admission forms, Generic forms, and Teacher Registration




White label

Custom Branding, and Colour themes




Fund Raising





Degree Audit

Transcripts, and certificates




Agent Module

Agents management




Tasks Module

Tasks management with Boards, and Kanban style



Payment History

To view invoices against the subscription made with Classe365, go to Payment History tab

When clicked on view invoice button, the user should be able to print the invoice or export in PDF format.

Payment Settings

The payment settings, will allow super-admins to add credit/debit cards, and mark the cards "Default" in the system.

The default cards are used to process the subscription renewals automatically.


I'm getting a payment processing error

The payment processing issue normally happens in these two cases.

  • When you don't have sufficient funds in your default card.

  • You have sufficient funds, but the bank is blocking the payment on security grounds, in this case you may have to call your bank and request to lift the block.

Either way, the system will try to process the payment after sometime, your account will also be kept active for some time, if the payment isn't processed after 1 day contact support team

Card isn't accepted

We use Stripe as our payment processor, and your cards should be accepted globally, if there are any issues adding cards, please contact support team

I need to make Internation Wire Transfer

International wire transfer is available only on yearly subscriptions, please refer to this documentation on the same. We'll send you an invoice, and you make a wire transfer to the payment

How to stop auto-renewal?

You can stop auto-renewal by clicking on "Unsubscribe" button from the Billings Page.


Write us to [email protected] or use in-app chat tool

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