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QuickBooks Integration with Classe365
QuickBooks Integration with Classe365

This documentation describes the integration of Classe365's Fee & Invoicing module with QuickBooks online.

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Integrating Classe365 with QuickBooks Online allows you to share your invoicing data with your accounting platform. Every time an invoice is generated in Classe365, the information is automatically synced with QuickBooks. To sync your Classe365 account with QuickBooks Online, please follow the steps below.

STEP-1: Login to QuickBooks Developer Account

Login with your Quickbooks account. If you don't have a QuickBooks account you will need to create one.

During your first login, you'll be asked to agree to the Intuit Developer terms and conditions. Agree to the terms of the service and click on Make me an Intuit Developer.

STEP-2: Create an App

Go to Dashboard > Create an App

There select QuickBooks Online & Payments

STEP-3: Configure App and Scope

  • App Name

  • Enable Scopes - Accounting and Payments (US)

Note: Payments is only supported to US regions.

STEP-4: Obtain Production Keys

We need to obtain the "Production Keys" not the "Development Keys", before that we need to complete the following steps.

If you haven't setup these steps, just click on the links provided it should redirect you to the page where you can configure it. For now, let's focus on these.

Categorize the app: Invoicing, Accounting, and eCommerce Management

Industries that use your app: None of the above

Country Hosted:

Your account is hosted in the nearest AWS data center, so you need to choose your country here.

Countries you accept connections from: Enable All

When all these are checked:

You can navigate to "Production Settings > Keys & Credentials"

NOTE: Development Settings is to test the integration for a developer

STEP-5: Copy Redirect URL from Classe365's App Setting.

Login to your Classe365's account and go to Organization Settings > Apps > QuickBooks

Here we need to copy the Redirect URL and insert this into QuickBooks developer account to obtain the credentials.

Also, paste the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" obtained from QuickBooks in the previous step.

STEP-6: Obtain Credentials

Go to your QuickBooks developer account's Dashboard > Select App (created in the 2nd step) > Production Settings > Keys & Credentials

Save the configuration.

Copy the credentials - Client ID and Client Secret, we'll be using this in Classe365's app setting.

STEP-7: Paste the Credentials in Classe365's App Settings

Login to your Classe365's account, and go to Organization Settings > Apps > QuickBooks >

Paste the Credentials and Save, the integration is now successful, and we need to Generate Access Token.

Generating Access Token

Click on the Generate Access Token Button in QuickBooks App Setting.

There the QuickBooks will ask for the Company.

You can create your company by providing your organization name.

After setting it up, click on Connect.

Now, the QuickBooks will load the application that you've created in your QuickBooks account, proceed to "Connect".

After successful app connection the access token will be generated, and you're good to use the integration.

Syncing Classe365's Invoices with QuickBooks Account

To sync invoices generated from Classe365's "Fee & Invoicing" module with QuickBooks account follow the below steps.

Create Fee Category

Go to Modules > Manage Fee & Invoices > Add Fee Category

Here enable Link With QuickBooks

Select Quick Book account from the drop-down list to fetch the accounts created in your QuickBooks.

Now, the invoices you add to this category will be synced to your QuickBooks account.

NOTE: Only the invoices created after enabling Quickbooks integration will be available in Quickbooks.

Classe365 will also sync any unpaid invoices.

When the payment from Classe365 is updated


Please ensure Due-Date field is entered in Classe365 for QuickBooks integration to work. QuickBooks API has a mandatory requirement to pass Due-Date information and if Due-Date is empty in Classe365 then the sync will fail. Though this is not required for customers just using Classe365 Fee & Invoicing module, it is required for customer wanting to sync Classe365 invoices into QuickBooks.

Then the invoice in QuickBooks also updates payment


If you need more information please write us to - [email protected]

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