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Classe365's Reports module is a powerful tool for school administrators to manage and monitor student performance. This module allows admins to view and analyse student data, create custom reports, and generate comprehensive reports for individual students.

Admins can also set up private notes to monitor student activities and run reports that show trends in student activities. The Report's module can be used to track student attendance, grades, assessment scores, and other important metrics. It is a useful tool for tracking and monitoring student progress and helping to ensure that students are reaching their academic goals.

Type of Reports Available In Classe365's Reports Module

Classe365 provides the following reports for admins:

  • Academics

  • Attendance

  • Messaging

  • Class Schedule

  • Fees

  • Health Records

  • Assessment

  • Library

To download reports go to Modules > Administration > View Reports

Select the "Academic Session" from the top-menu, and go to Reports Tab

To download "Attendance Reports" select the "Attendance" tab.


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