Working on Fee & Invoicing Module

This documentations gives an overview workflow of the fee and invoicing module of Classe365

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Step-1: Create Fee Category

Go to Modules > Manage Fee & Invoicing > Add Fee & Invoices >

Here you'll create the fee category.


  • Fee Details

----------> Fee Name: Economics Subject Fee
----------> Fee Type: Subject Fee
----------> Invoice Date: 14-11-2018
----------> Due Date: 28-02-2019
----------> Description: This fee is only applicable for Economics subjects

  • Line Item 1

----------> Line Item Name - Tuition Fee
----------> Description: Economics Tution Fee
----------> Rate: 1000
----------> Tax: GST-5%
----------> Quantity: 1

Category Settings

  1. Payers: You can add students by name, class/section, by subject name, by student name, by applicant to CRM form.

  2. Partial Payments: this can be enabled when your students/users can pay you in any given time before due date! Example: Student XYZ is billed with $ 1000, student will pay 600 in this month, and 200 in next month and rest when finishing course.

  3. Recurring Payment: this can only be enabled if you have stripe payment gateway integrated.---> How Often: is a cycle period---> Number of Cycles: Is till when the cycle selected should repeat.---> Recurring Invoices Should be Generated From? - which gateway should the invoice be generated if you enable Stripe then a plan will be created in stripe and stipe will send notifications when the cycle is in active sprint(iteration).

  4. Link with Finance Module: Finance module is maintained by the accountant, they can also track expenses, income and analyze profit or loss. There if you want to disclose the payment info with accountant you can link the Fee Category to Finance Module there you'll have to choose the account, Credit Ledger and Debit Ledger.

  5. Multi Currency Support: is used when you run an online school and charge, there you can define currency rates of current day and enable the category so that the currency rate will be constant and wont flicker in future!

Now, if you didn't add payers while creating fee category it's all right you can add invoices to students.

Now go to All Fees & Invoices > Add Invoices(use '+')

There you can add payers then a plan will be created to the payers whom you'll choose

You can also enable Send Notification Emails to send emails reminders which will also send invoice link as per your email template's Invoice Notification Emailsettings.

There users/students can pay you directly if your Payment Gateways are Live and integrated.

Notes to Admin

There may be cases when you want to collect cash from students, then you need to ask the Invoice ID from student and edit under Payment Transaction OR Invoice

Make Payment collecting cash or other means

If you want to refund you can edit the refund-amount and save the invoice under Payment Transactions

Once edited the incurred amount you need to refund using third party application like PayPal or Stripe etc..

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