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All you need to know about Grading and Assessments
All you need to know about Grading and Assessments
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he Video link for Grading and Assessments is below:

Grading the assessments is one of the important functions of an Institution, Classe365 has seamless functionality when it comes to Managing Assessments and Grading. Let us look in detail at Assessments and Grading.

Adding Assessment Categories:

 Go to Assessments and Grading, go to
Modules---->Assessments & Grading---->Manage Assessments & Grading

Once the user is in the Assessments & Grading section, They can view the Gradebook, Report cards, Assessments and Grade setup.

The user can add Assessments, grading Scale, grading periods and report card formatting in the Grade Setup section.

Adding Assessments:

The user can add assessments by clicking on + Add New icon in the page.

Here, The user can add the Assessment categories as per their choice and then save the assessment.
In the example, we have added 2 categories (Ex: Mid-term and Final tests)

Note: The user can add any number of assessment categories.

Grading Scales:

Classe365 supports the following grading scales:

  1. Grades

  2. Rubric

  3. Percentage

  4. Manual Entry

The user can add new custom grades as per the requirements by clicking on Add new grades and name it as per their choice and select the scale. An example is shown below.

Weighted Subjects & Category Settings:


The Manage weights section is used add weight to the assessment categories.
In the below example, we can see that the weight for the mid -term is 30% and the final test carries 70%.

The user can also "COPY" weights to other subjects by clicking on the Copy tab as show below. Here the user can copy existing weights by typing in the subject name.

Grading Periods:
We can also set-up the grading periods as per the user's requirement.

Report Card:

Classe365 allows the user to format the report card as per the user's requirement. We also have a default report card format which was established based on extensive research of over 1000+ schools/institutions/universities report card format. 

Below is an example of setting up a custom report card format.

Classe365 also enables CCE (Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation) and other advanced methods of learning, To enable this Select Manage Subject Sub Categories as shown below.


Once the Grade setup & Assessments are done, The user can use the Gradebook to grade the students as per the grading scale. Below is an example of the grade book.
The user can filter out the grade book also based on the assessment category.

Report Cards Printing:

The report card section is used to view and print the report card, we can also save the report card as PDF, Save to google drive.
To print out the report card select the student's name and then click "Print".
Example of a student's report card is shown below:

I Hope this covers everything you know about grading and assessment if you feel there is anything else that you need please write to us at [email protected]


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