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Synchronizing Google Classroom with Classe365 LMS
Synchronizing Google Classroom with Classe365 LMS

This documentation describes all about integrating the Google Classroom | Assessments, Courses in Classe365's LMS

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Google Classroom is a free web service developed by Google for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Classe365 helps teachers to synchronize the assignments from Google Classroom to Classe365's LMS.

The feature to sync information is available to Admin and Teacher user roles, the following steps will help sync information.

πŸ““ Note - Before sync check with super-admins to confirm if integration is already made. If not, use the below button to see how to integrate Google Apps.

To refer Google Classroom documentation, FAQ's use this link (Click Here).

STEP-1: Login to Classe365 Account

Login to Classe365 Account as admin or teacher with the credentials passed by your organization admin.

STEP-2: Navigate to LMS Module

Navigate to Modules > LMS > Filter Class/Section > Select Subject.

STEP-3: Sync with Google Assignments

Go to Assessment Tab > Google Classroom Sync

First attempt you'll be prompted to generate access token, just login with the Google Account which is linked with Google Classroom.

STEP-3 A: Link Grade

After successful authentication, you get the option to choose the Grade of Google Classroom.

This step will allow Classe365 to choose the assessments related to this Grade in Google Classroom.

Go to Link Assessment Tab and Choose the Google Assignments to link with Classe365 Assessments.

In this case, we're linking just one Google Assignment with the Classe365's Assessment, now the scores in the Google Assignment will be retrieved to Classe365's Gradebook.

STEP-3 C: Sync Information

Make sure, that the student enrolled into the selected subject is having the same student email registered in Google Classroom.

We'll identify the students in Google Classroom and Classe365 based on the email value in the student field having ID "student_email".

The assessment scores wouldn't sync when the total points in Google Classroom's Assignment and Classe365's Assessments are mismatched.

The information in "More Details" describes the cause of the issue, in this particular case, there are 2 or more students having the same email registered in Classe365 hence the scores aren't saved since the system wouldn't know to which student the scores needs to be saved in the grade book.

Need any help? Write us to [email protected] or use the live chat interface to get quick response.

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