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SMOWL Integration | Quiz Proctoring in Classe365
SMOWL Integration | Quiz Proctoring in Classe365

Classe365's quiz will be hosted with a safe virtual exam environment ensuring a seamless and cheat-proof examination process.

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Classe365's LMS can be proctored by integrating SMOWL. It is used to conduct online tests, seamlessly and effectively, with high exam integrity. We have integrated an ideal remote proctoring solution that regulates the examination environment by eliminating any chance of impersonation, screenshots, audios, and video proof and ensuring academic activities with its anti-cheating tools.

How to Integrate SMOWL

Organization admins need to contact SMOWL ( to purchase a license and obtain the "API key".

When the SMOWL shares the "API Key", login to your Classe365 account, and navigate to Account > Org Settings > Apps > SMOWL

Set the "API key" here, and enable the "SMOWL Integration checkbox".

How the SMOWL system works in Class365

The proctoring software is integrated in the LMS module. To see how it works, go to Modules > LMS

Quiz > Add

Under "General" tab, enable "Proctoring".

And that's it! Once this quiz is live, students will be proctored using the SMOWL system.

How to view the proctored results

After student's have attempted the quiz, click on the edit icon to view the quiz settings.

Go to Results Tab > Proctoring

Student Registration tab gives you the number of users registered with SMOWL

The activity tab gives you the result of proctoring.

Clicking on the student name will give you the reports of incidents, like web navigation, active apps running in the student PC etc.

You can also export the reports to a PDF file.

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