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Zoom Integration with Classe365's LMS Module
Zoom Integration with Classe365's LMS Module

This article describes how can integrate your Zoom account with Classe365.

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To connect Classe365 with Zoom you'll need to get API Key and Secret from Zoom Marketplace. 

STEP-1: Login to Zoom Market Place

Login to Zoom Marketplace at

STEP-2: Build App

Once logged in click on Develop > Build App

Select "Server-to-Server OAuth App" from various options provided.

Set a name to the app.

STEP-3: Configure App Information

Add app details for the company and developer contact and click on continue.

Developer contact information can be your name and email address.

STEP-4: Setting Up Scopes

Scopes define the API methods this app is allowed to call, and thus which information and capabilities are available on Zoom.

Click on "+ Add Scopes"

Select the following scopes:


  • meeting:read:meeting:admin

  • meeting:write:meeting:admin

  • meeting:update:meeting:admin


  • cloud_recording:read:list_recording_files:admin

  • cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings:admin

  • cloud_recording:read:list_recording_files:master


  • user:read:user:admin

  • user:read:list_users:admin

Finally, the scopes should look like the below:

STEP-5: Activating the App

Click on "Activate Your App"

STEP-6: Obtain Credentials

After activating your app, go to App Credentials tab and copy the secrets.

STEP-7: Integrate Zoom in your Classe365 Account

Login to your Classe365 account, and go to Modules > Administration > App Settings

Click on Zoom image.

Paste the credentials copied from Zoom App Settings.

NOTE: If you have multi-user Zoom account then you can enable Selected User Account

Where to create Zoom Meetings?

Classe365 offers the capability to generate Live Lectures through Zoom. In order to do so, it is necessary for your account to have both the LMS module and Core module activated

Go to Modules > Learning Management System

Filter for "Class/Section > Select Subject".

Navigate into "Live Lectures > Zoom"

Create Lecture

Students/teachers can view "Recordings" click on the link below

View Records:


How to work with multi user account?

Zoom enables you to create multiple host/user account under your main account that you use to integrate with Classe365.
With multiple Zoom host/user account, each user can manage their own session.

With licensing, you can have one main licensed account and depending on if you'll be running meetings for more than 40 mins, you can have either basic or paid licensed account.

If you have multiple host account you can run simultaneous meetings. A single user/host can only run one meeting at a time.

When adding a user, you can add a basic or licensed account.

If you need any help write us to [email protected]

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