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Re-enrollment using CRM Enrollment Form

This documentation briefly describes the steps in creating a re-enrollment form

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Classe365's CRM module not just enrols a student into SIS but can also advance a student to the next level by creating a form for re-enrollment.

STEP-1: Enable Re-Enrollment Unique Identifiers in Student Fields

You need to enable Re-enrollment unique identifiers in student fields.

STEP-2: Map Re-enrollment fields in CRM Form Fields

After enabling the re-enrollment unique identifiers in student attributes page, go to CRM Module.

Create a form for re-enrollment of type "Pre-admission", in the form fields you need to map the fields that are required for re-enrollment verification.

We strongly recommend you keep your re-enrollment unique identifiers (RUIDs) less, because the system will require all the RUID fields in the CRM form to match exactly the same in the Student Profile to re-enrol.

Refer to this video on creating a CRM Pre-admission type of form

In this case, we have set the last-name to be re-enrollment unique identifier, so the applicants having the same last-name will be prompted by the system to re-enroll.

Finally, when the applicant submits the application, when admin is enrolling the student, the system prompts you to re-enroll the student or enter the applicant as a new student.


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