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Classe365 CRM Form Linking - Functions & Uses
Classe365 CRM Form Linking - Functions & Uses

This article covers the workflow of linking a form with Classe365 CRM module.

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Classe365 provides a flexibility to link a reference form with a main form. Upon submitting the main form, the reference form will be sent to the referrer.

Main Form - Main form could be the "Pre-admission" OR "Teacher Registration" form used to collect all the information of an applicant to create their profile in the SIS.

Reference Form - the form used for other purpose to refer the applicant externally for a referrer.

Here are the steps in linking the CRM reference form with the main form logically:

STEP-1: Create Main Form & Reference Form

Learn more on creating the "Main Form" using Classe365's CRM Module using the below buttons:

STEP-2: Enable Form Linking

Go to Modules > CRM & Enroll Forms > Edit Main Form

Go to "Form Linking" and link the main form with the "Reference Form".

In our example, we're going to link the main form "Student Enrollment 2022 - 2023" with the reference form - "Financial Aid".

STEP-3: Create Email Template in Main Form with Linked Form URL

Edit the main form, and go to Notifications > Email Templates > Add New Email Template

In the email template, add the data-variable to the reference form.

STEP-4: Trigger the Email Notification

Go to Notifications tab, add the new email notification to trigger the linked form reference link.

That's it, the form -"Student Enrollment 2022-23" is now linked with the "Financial Aid" form.

The applicant, will receive the email in their inbox having the reference form URL when the main form status is moved to the workflow - "Accepted".

The applicant (recipient) should click on the link received on their email to continue applying to the reference form.

All the linked submissions could be accessed by viewing the main form submission.


You should only link the reference form with the main form.


You shouldn't link the main form with the reference form back!

In this case, it is wrong to link the reference form with the main form, and main form with the reference form.

The mapping is incorrect, and the system will not consider displaying the reference without the encoded URL for form linking.

For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to write us at "[email protected]"

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