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Classe365's Multicampus Module
Classe365's Multicampus Module

This article talks all about the multicampus module in Classe365

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A multicampus module is a tool that enables Classe365 super-administrators to manage the information and processes of numerous educational facilities or campuses within one system.

It has the potential to assist with:

  • Consolidating and coordinating data and assets from multiple schools or campuses, including students, faculty, courses, tuition, assessments, and more.

  • A consistent dashboard and reporting system will be implemented for campus administrators and managers, allowing them to track and analyse the performance and progress of each individual school or campus.

With multicampus module, super-admin can connect several Classe365 accounts to a main account and easily monitor performance and activity through a convenient dashboard. Here are the steps in mapping/linking multiple accounts with main Classe365 accounts.

STEP-1: Login to the Main/Master Account

To access the multicampus module, please log into your main/master account using your assigned username and password and the correct URL.

To subscribe to "Multicampus" module, just go to the "Billings Page" and hit subscribe.

STEP-2: Add Tenants

After logging into your master account, navigate to Modules > Administrations > Multi Campus

To add/link a tenant (subaccount of Classe365 to main account), use the button "+ Add Tenant".

We allow you to link another tenant by validating the account, validating the following:

Sl No




Name of Subdomain

Subdomain name.

If your tenant URL is "", then your subdomain is "evaluate5"



The API key of your subaccount

To obtain the "API Key" of your subaccount, login to your subaccount as a super-admin, in the example above the subaccount would be "", and go to Account > Org Profile > APIs

That's it, we'll now have the subaccount linked with the multicampus module in the main account.

STEP-3: View Activities OR Unlink Account

To visualize the usage of subaccounts, use the "View More" button on the tenants.

This will give you a bird's eye view of your account statistics with UI elements, to login just use "Login" button.

To unlink a tenant, use the following option.


Write us to [email protected]


Use in-app chat tool

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