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PandaDoc Integration

This article describes how you can integrate PandaDoc with Classe365

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The PandaDoc integration adds a new level of functionality in the CRM enroll & forms module. It supports a more streamlined workflow with the integrations of functions such as document builder and electronic signatures. With this integration, it enables your institution's key documents to be sent, annotated and signed back in a secure and professional way.


STEP 1: Log in to your PandaDoc Account

If you are new to PandaDoc,you can sign up for a trial account.

STEP 2: Obtain API Key

Navigate to Settings > Integration > API > Enable

STEP 3: Generate API Keys

You can generate either Sandbox or Production Keys. Copy the API key once generated.

STEP 4: Integrate with Classe365

Log in to the Classe365 account as an Admin (Super Admin) and navigate to Settings > Apps > PandaDoc > Paste the Copied API Key

Creating PandaDoc Documents For CRM Submissions

The data fields in Classe365 can be linked to PandaDoc, allowing for a custom approach in creating and sharing documents. Essentially, it uses the applicant's submitted data to complete the document's data variables.

The following instructions detail out how the linking works.

STEP 1: Find out all the CRM Form Attributes

Log In to Classe365 and navigate to CRM Forms & Module > Add/Edit Form > Form Attributes

Take note of all the attribute labels you intend to use for the PandaDoc Document.

STEP 2: Apply the Attribute Labels in a PandaDoc Template

Log In to PandaDoc and navigate to Templates > Create Template

When creating a template, you can add a "Token" for linking the Classe365's Field Labels. The token is formatted as follows - [Classe365.Field Label] .For example, the field label in Classe365's CRM is First Name , then the corresponding token in PandaDoc should be [Classe365.First Name]

Aside from tokens, you can also add "Fields." Fields are not connected to any Classe365 information. This means you are requiring users to submit the information directly in the document itself. For example, if you require the students to put in their Signature or Date in the document.

If you're using Fields, PandaDoc will require you to identify roles who will fill this information out. There are 2 roles that can be managed in this integration:

  • End User - This is the person who will sign or fill out the information.

    Ex. Student or Applicant

  • Admin - This is the person who is managing or sending out the document.

When adding roles to a field, you will need to identify if they are the End User or the Admin.

STEP 3: Generate PandaDoc Documents from Submissions

In your Classe365 account, navigate to Modules > CRM Forms Module > Submissions > Select Submissions > Create PandaDoc Documents

NOTE: Only 10 documents can be generated in bulk.

STEP 4: Review Documents and Send in PandaDoc

Upon creating PandaDoc documents, login to PandaDoc, and navigate to Documents

Applications created will be in Draft Status. When you click on the document title, you should find all the information from CRM Form Fields in the document. Once the information is verified, you can then proceed to hit "Send".

Upon sending, the recipient gets a document where they can put e-signature and submit the document.

That's all for now! :)

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