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Classe365's - E-Commerce Module

This documentation describes all about the E-Commerce module workflow and it's features

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Classe365's E-Commerce module is integrated with SIS and will provide a seamless shopping experience for teachers, parents and students. The module will allow parents and students to purchase books, school supplies, uniforms, and other items directly from the portal. It will also enable the school to manage their inventory, track orders, and process payments. The module will also provide an easy way for parents to make payment online, making the payment process more convenient and secure. In addition, the module will also provide a way for parents to track their orders and manage their account details. Finally, the module will also provide analytics and insights into the performance of the school's e-commerce platform.

Follow the steps below in managing the E-Commerce Module.

STEP-1: Access E-Commerce Module

Go to Modules > Marketing & Admissions > E-Commerce > Dashboard

STEP-2: Set Product Attributes (Size Charts)

Go to Settings tab, and click on "βž• Add" to add size charts

You can configure clothes, or footwear size charts here.

Others tab, will give you the freedom to configure the tax, offline payments and other settings.

STEP-3: Setup Product Categories

Go to Categories Tab > Add Category

Click on the "βž•" icon to add sub-categories

STEP-4: Products Set up

Go to Products tab, and, here you can add your products into the categories.

πŸ’‘- Classe365 also offers you to add courses as products, so students can purchase courses online from their portal, click on this link to know more on E-Commerce to SIS Linking

Adding Discount Coupons

You can add a discount coupon, and share it with students, so they can redeem one!

STEP-5: Collecting and Approving Orders

When the students purchase a product, you can approve the orders from the "Orders" tab.

You can also view the invoices, and update the status as "Delivered".

Need further info on E-Commerce module?

Please contact [email protected]

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