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Classe365 - Blocking Users

Organization admins can simply block users (Students, Teachers, Admins) following the steps in this documentation

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Classe365 offers the ability to block students, teachers, and admins from logging into the application. This feature can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when a user is no longer associated with your institution or when a user is causing disruptions within the application.

Students Block/Unblock

How to Block a Student

To block a user in Classe365, follow these steps:

Head over to the student module, from Modules > Manage Students

Apply filter for students whom you want to block, and from the bulk action menu, use "Block".

Additionally, you can select the "Alerts" column in the student table to get a list of all blocked students.

Once a user has been blocked, they will no longer be able to log into the Classe365 application. They will also be removed from any classes or groups they were previously a part of.

How to Unblock Student

Use the "Unblock" bulk action menu, in the student module, to simply unblock the students.

Teachers Block/Unblock

How to Block Teacher

To block teacher, head over to Modules > Manage Teacher

Filter, and select the teacher records whom you want to block, and use the bulk action menu "Block" to restrict teachers accessing the portal.

Unblocking a User

To unblock, use the "Unblock" option in the bulk action menu from the teacher's table.

Once a teacher has been unblocked, they will be able to log into the Classe365 application again and will regain access to any classes or groups they were previously a part of.

Admins Block/Unblock

To block the admin users, head over to "Admins Module" from the dashboard.

In the admin table, select the admin records you want to block.

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