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Importing invoice data into Xero accounting platform
Importing invoice data into Xero accounting platform

This documentation provides Classe365 customers to import sales invoice data easily into Xero using

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Step 1:  Download our Xero CSV template file from Classe365

To import sales invoices and credit notes into Xero - download our CSV  file from Classe365 finance report section. This can be done from Modules -> Reports -> Fee Reports. This report is pre-configured to output the date in the format that is recommended by Xero. 

Verify the information and add additional data into the template, then import the file into Xero.

Make sure you don't change any of the column headings in the template - these are needed for the file import. And if you're importing more than 500 items, we recommend you split up the file.

Verify the required information into the template

Required columns are marked with an asterisk (*) in the template. Classe365 automatically loads the required information. 


1. *AccountCode is a mandatory information, Classe365 loads FeeType data into the AccountCode column.

2. Invoices and credit notes are imported into Xero as drafts, so you’ll need to approve them after the import.

Step 2: Go to Xero to upload the sales invoice template

  1. From Xero go to Accounts menu, select Sales.

  2. Click Import.

3. Import the file exported from Classe365 into Xero. 

For more information on importing sales and credit notes, refer Xero documentation here

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