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Bulk Printing Report Cards

All you need to know about printing bulk report cards.

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This documentation helps admin to print bulk report cards either a soft copy(PDF file) or hard copy(printer-output).

Hover over Modules > Manage Student > View All Students > Select Class > Select Students > Print Report Cards

Once you Submit, the browser loads all the reports of students, in Google Chrome by default the pop-up will be disabled, once you have to enable the pop-up of your site and that will be stored until you reset the browser settings.

Once you enable pop-up, you are now ready to print report cards in bulk.

  • You can get a soft copy in a PDF file format by clicking on “Change” and by Selecting ‘Save as a PDF"

  • You can get a hard copy by selecting the printer which is available/configured on your system.


The maximum size of report cards which can be bulk printed is limited to 100(hundred students) at a time.

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