Multi-Course Enrollment

This article describes how you can manage multiple course enrollments for students.

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Classe365 provides the option to enroll students to multiple classes/sections.

This feature is applicable for cases when a student wants to enroll in multiple courses simultaneously in a single academic session. For example, a student, under Academic Session 2020-2021, wants to take both Masters of Business and Masters of Computer Science.

There are 2 ways where you can manage multiple enrollments.

1. Enroll in Bulk from the Manage Student page

You can then fill out the enrollment details of a student.

2. Enroll Individually from Manage Student Profile > Enrollment Tab

In the student profile, you can do the following actions :

a. See a student's current enrollments

b. Update the enrollment status of a student's Class / Section / Subject

c. Allocate Elective Subjects

d. Enroll a student in a new Class / Section

All you need to do is to click the Enroll button to enlist a student to a New Class / Section. Upon setting it up, you can already manage the student's enrollment status. For example, if the current enrollment is not active yet then you can put it first under Upcoming status. Then when you're ready to make it active, you can easily change it to In Progress status.

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