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Rest API update : Phase 1

This article details out the Rest API updates necessary to integrate with the upcoming Multi-Course enrollment feature

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The system is soon moving from Single to Multiple Course Enrollment. Necessary updates in the Rest API data were made in order to synchronize with the new feature.

This article guides you on the API updates required to be implemented for successful integration to work. This document is specially meant for developers concerned with linking Classe365 data with third party suppliers.

Updated APIs:

1. Get Student's Data

  • The following data variables in the response data will be removed - Class/Section/Subject.

  • A new data variable, called "Enrollments" will be added.

2. Add or Update Student

Student Course Enrollment

  • The following data variables will be removed from the 'Add or Update Student' API : Class, Section and Elective Subjects.

  • The course enrollment support will instead be transferred to a new API 'Student Course Enrollment'

  • Thus, the 'Add or Update Student' will be used solely for adding or updating student profile data like Student first name, last name, email, contact, address details etc. Whilst, the 'Student Course Enrollment' API will be used to manage student enrollment into courses.

3. Manage Elective Subject Allocation

  • The following data variables will be added to link Elective Subjects to Course Enrollments.

Note that all API updates mentioned in this article shall be implemented as soon as the Multi-Course Enrollment feature is released. More importantly, the deprecation of the old data attributes mentioned will be carried out starting the 22nd of August 2020. Therefore, we request that the required API updates be applied to your account before this date.

For more information or clarifications, just reach us at [email protected]

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