Sometimes it is often confusing why the teachers/staff don't have access to Attendance or Gradebook, this documentation describes why the teachers or staff don't have access to those modules.

The reason is split into two following cases.

Case:1 - No Subjects allocated to teachers

When there are no subjects allocated to teachers then teachers won't have access to students! Since subjects are mapped to teacher and students.

Here is a documentation on Teacher & Subject allocation:

Case-2: Teacher/Staff Employee Type is "Non-Academic"

When adding a teacher/staff record you have an option to choose the employee type as Academic or Non-Academic

  • Academic - when teacher/staff type is academic the teacher is able to take up classes which subjects are allocated by admin.

  • Non-Academic - when teacher/staff type is non-academic they cannot be assigned to any of the subjects.

This might be the case why teachers don't have any access.

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