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Teacher-Subject Allocation

This section provides guide on how to allocate subjects to individual or multiple teachers.

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Teacher-Subject Allocation is a feature that allows admins to assign teachers to specific subjects. This feature is useful for schools that have multiple teachers teaching different subjects.

Before allocating the subjects to teachers, it is advised to set up the academics and add the teachers by configuring the teacher fields.

Video on Managing Teachers & Admin Staff

Managing Teacher Portal & Teacher Fields

Teacher Subject Allocation

Go to Modules > Teacher Subject Allocation

Ensure you select the "Academic Session" from the top-menu to assign subjects.

Select "Class" and "Section" to load all the subjects from that academic hierarchy

Admins can select "Primary" and "Secondary" Teachers from the list.

If you need to make changes to the teacher-subject allocation, simply go back to the "Teacher-Subject Allocation" page and select teacher-subject pair you want to change. You can then select a different teacher or subject from the drop-down menus and click on the "Update" button to update the allocation.

If you need to remove a teacher from a subject, click on the "❎" button next to the teacher-subject pair. This will remove the teacher from the subject and free up the slot for another teacher to be assigned.

Teacher-Subject Allocation is a great way to keep track of which teachers are teaching which subjects in your school. It also helps with scheduling and ensures that each subject has a dedicated teacher.

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