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Student Portal - View Attendance

This article describes all about the student's portal attendance module in Classe365

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Classe365's Students Attendance Module is used to track the attendance of students. The system automates the process of collecting, managing and tracking student attendance data. It is designed to help students to easily keep track of student attendance and ensure that students are attending their classes on time.

Web Application

Login to your school's student portal and navigate to, Modules > Learning Manage System > Attendance

Here, you can select "Class/Section" to view the attendance.

To view comments by the teacher/admin, just hover over the "attendance" date.

Mobile App

Login to Classe365 Mobile, and search for your school. Use the username/password that is given by your organization admin.

Go to "Profile" tab, and then click on "Attendance", here you can select your Class/Section to view the attendance.

If you want to change view the attendance for a different academic session, just change the academic session from your personal settings.


Contact your admin.

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