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Configure and Start Adding - Teachers and Admin Staff
Configure and Start Adding - Teachers and Admin Staff

This documentation briefly describes all about adding a teacher, setting up the teacher fields, and onboarding admin staff

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Teachers play an important role in the development of students. A Teacher user is the person who instil knowledge, values and skills into the students. Teachers are guides who help students in the process of learning and discovering. They create a safe and encouraging environment for students to learn and grow. They encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills and motivate students to achieve their goals. Furthermore, they also help students gain confidence and develop a positive self-image. Teachers are role models and help students develop into responsible citizens.

Using Classe365 admins can create a teacher profile setting their attributes, and start onboarding a teacher.

Setting Up Teacher Fields/Attributes

To set up the teacher attribute, go to Modules > Student Information System > Teacher Fields

Drag/Drop the fields from left-panel to the field group and change the label.


Admins can add a teacher in the following three ways

  1. Adding Teachers Manually

  2. Bulk Add Teachers using Excel File

  3. Enrol Teacher using a CRM Form

1) Adding Teachers Manually

To add a teacher manually, go to Modules > Student Information System > Teachers/Admin Staff

Here, you can add teachers manually filling in the details of a teacher.

2) Bulk Add Teachers Using Excel Sheet

You can mass upload teachers information via Excel Sheet, to do so, sub-admin need to have permission from super-admins to Settings. If you already have, follow the steps below.

Go to Account > Org Settings

Import/Export > Export Teachers Data

This will give you an Excel sheet, which will contain all the Teacher's information along with the teacher attributes setup in the first step.

You can preserve this file as a backup, and to add new teachers, you can duplicate.

Now, edit the file, add new teacher information and proceed to import.


  • Date fields should be in the format - yyyy-mm-dd

  • Teacher ID should be unique

  • To update teachers records in bulk, keep the teacher ID field value the same in both system and the uploading file.

  • Required fields are mandatory while uploading as well

After updating the exported file, use the "Import Data" button to add teachers in bulk.

3) Enrol a teacher via CRM Form

You need to add a CRM form with type "Teacher Enrollment" and ask the teachers who are interested in contributing to your organization to submit the form.

Watch a video on adding a CRM Form


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