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CRM Module - Rating Fields and Analysis

Classe365 supports rating fields and admins can easily analyse the responses by the applicants.

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Classe365's Rating Fields: A Powerful Tool for Gathering Feedback

The Rating fields offered by Classe365 are a highly effective feature within application forms, enabling users to offer their feedback or indicate their level of satisfaction with a particular question. These fields are commonly depicted through a variety of icons, such as stars, crowns, and users have the ability to select the appropriate number of icons that align with their rating.

Why Use Rating Fields?

Rating fields are a valuable addition to application forms, providing insights into user opinions and preferences. They allow you to gather feedback from your users in a quick and easy way, giving you valuable insights into their experiences to your questions. This information can help you make improvements and better understand your users' needs.

How to Use Rating Fields

Using rating fields in your application forms is simple. Edit the CRM form and go to Fields/Attributes

You can add them to any form in Classe365 by selecting the "Rating" field option. From there, you can customize the number of icons, the type of icons, and the labels for each rating level.

It's important to keep in mind that rating fields should be intuitive and user-friendly to encourage participation and accurate feedback. Make sure to choose icons and labels that are easy to understand and accurately represent the rating levels.

Classe365 Supports the Following Rating Fields:

  • Rating - Enables users to provide feedback while completing the form, typically through the use of icons such as stars or crowns. Applicants may assign a certain number of star value to indicate their level of satisfaction with each question.

  • Opinion Scale - It is very similar to rating field, in addition to rating you can set the labels for satisfaction level to users.

  • NPS - this field within an application form serves as a metric for assessing the loyalty of an applicant's relationships. There exists a predetermined standard for this particular field, as outlined below.
    - There will be 0 to 10 values with three fixed fields.
    - Detractors - 0 to 5, Neutrals - 6 to 8, Promoters - 9 to 10

Analysing the Feedback by Applicants

Once the applicants make the submission, to analyse their feedback, simply head over to the "Rating Analysis" tab.

To view all the feedback in a list view, go to Responses tab.

To Export Ratings, go to Submissions Page > Filter Form > Export

In Conclusion

Classe365's Rating fields are a powerful tool for gathering feedback and understanding your users' opinions and preferences. By following best practices and making sure the fields are user-friendly, you can use them to improve your product or service and provide a better experience for your users.

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