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Creating Assessments for Online Submission Feature
Creating Assessments for Online Submission Feature

Create assessments for students online and collect their responses and grade them.

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Creating Assessments for Students to Submit Online

As an admin or teacher, you have the ability to create assessments for students to submit online through the LMS module. This feature allows for a more efficient and organized way of collecting and grading student work.

Step 1: Creating Assessment

In order to create assessments, you must first access the "Assessment & Grading Module" and click on "+ Add" in the "Assessment" tab.

In the assessment form, fill in the details and click on "Show More Options" and enable "Online Submission".

Now, the students can make submission in the LMS module. Here's a documentation on how students can make submission to these assessments.

Step 2: Reviewing Assessment in LMS Module

Once the student's make submission, the teachers/admins can view the submissions from the LMS module under "Assessment" tab.

Clicking the submission's count, will display a popup listing all the submissions by the students.

Step 3: Grading Submission

After students have submitted their assessments, you can access them through the LMS module and grade them accordingly. You can also provide feedback and comments for each student's submission. This information will be visible to the student when they view their graded assessment.

Teachers can grant scores to the submission from the "Gradebook" simply click on the "Manage Grade Book" button, and it'll take you directly to that page.

The "Paper-clip Icon" indicates that this is an online submission, and can set scores here.


Creating assessments for students to submit online through the LMS module is a convenient and efficient way to manage student work. By following these simple steps, you can easily create and assign assessments, collect submissions, and provide feedback to your students. This feature is a valuable tool for both admins and teachers in the education setting.


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