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Can public user save an application form in Draft?
Can public user save an application form in Draft?

This documentation describes all the applicant's abilities to save the form in draft status

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Classe365 provides the applicant to save a form in draft status, it is a feature that allows applicants to save their progress on a form without submitting it. This can be useful for users who need to fill out a long or complex form, or who want to review and edit their data before submitting it.

Advantages of saving a form in draft

  • It can prevent data loss in case of network issues, power outages, or device failures.

  • It can allow applicants to resume their work from where they left off, without having to fill out the form from scratch.

  • Furthermore, it can enable applicants to review and edit their data before submitting the form, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

  • It can provide applicants with more flexibility and convenience, as they can fill out the form at their own pace and time.

How to enable "Save as Draft" for a form by admin?

Admin will need to edit the form.

In the Additional Settings tab, there's an option to save the form in draft status.

Where is "Save in Draft" available for applicants?

While applying to a CRM form, the applicant will have the option to "Save as draft".

Clicking on that will ask the applicant to enter the email so they get an OTP, and that email will be used to verify the applicant whenever they are ready to submit the form.

Upon successful verification, the application form will be saved in "Draft" status.

At this stage, the applicant will receive an email about the form saved in draft, and that email will include the button to further complete it in the future.

Listing draft application submissions by admin staff

Admin, can go to CRM Forms > Submissions > Draft

This will list out all the application forms saved in draft by the applicants. Notice that we have 3 "Draft" statuses as follows:





Incomplete Payment

The applicant completed the form, but was automatically redirected to the payment page and was unable to complete the payment. This may be due to a potential issue with their internet connection or if they inadvertently closed their browser tab.


Incomplete Submission

The applicant has saved the form as a draft and must finish it within a 30-day timeframe from the date of saving.



Draft status is for older forms which were submitted before the launch of the update "Save from in draft"

How can admissions team follow up with the applicant to finish submitting the form?

The draft submissions will show the form submission deadline, "Days left to complete", in the submission grid. This will give the administrator an overview of how much time the applicant has left to finish the submission before it is discarded.

With this information, the admin will need to write an email to the applicant requesting them to complete the submission before removing the application form forever.

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