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Classe365 Enterprise Onboarding & Support
Classe365 Enterprise Onboarding & Support

Our Priority Support and Onboarding team is here to ensure that you get your Classe365 account set up quickly and efficiently.

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Our Priority Support and Onboarding includes a dedicated team to help you set up your Classe365 account quickly and efficiently. You get access to special product onboarding specialists, access 24/7 online helpdesk portal, access to advanced troubleshooting, custom onboarding plans, staff training, live system monitoring, priority escalation to tier 2 support and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or would like more information.


The cost of a Priority Support and Onboarding bundle is set at a minimum of $3000, or $2 per student, whichever is higher. Every year of priority support either costs $2000 annually, or $1.5 per student/year, depending on which is the higher amount.

What does Priority Support includes?

Priority inputs to feature requests that shape our product road map
Access to development builds
Priority handling of reported issues via support portal
Priority bug reviews and out-of-cycle hot-fixes
Live screen sharing sessions with our technical support experts
Exclusive access to pre-releases
Extended trial periods for our new products
24×7 access to knowledge base and in-app support tools

What does Onboarding Services includes?

Academic Structure set-up. Class/Section/Subjects
Create custom student fields and add students
Create custom teacher fields and add teacher
Add administrators
Landing page customization with logo and personalized image
Attendance custom status set-up
CRM forms set-up up to 1 forms
CRM form linking with SIS
Assistance with payment gateway set-up
Assistance with Google and Microsoft 365 Integrations

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