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Classe365's Task Module

This documentation involves the task module and its benefit for an organization

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Classe365's task module is designed to help teachers, administrators, and students to manage tasks, assign tasks, and track the progress of tasks assigned to users. It allows admins and teachers to easily create and assign tasks to teachers/admins/students, track their progress over time, and set deadlines for completion. The task module also includes an easy-to-use interface and a variety of tools to help keep students/teachers on track and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

To add tasks, go to Modules > Administration > Manage Tasks

Here's a quick video explainer on the task module.


STEP-1: Add Category

Click on "➕Add" to create a task "Category".

There are various options to notify users whenever there's an action performed by the assignee.

You can assign one or more "Task Manager" to this task, and allow assignees to comment, or attach files in the tasks that's assigned to them.

STEP-2: Configure Workflows & Notifications

Edit the task category, and click on "Next" to add the workflows.

Clicking on "Add Status" will allow you to customize the workflows.

You can drag/drop the status to align in the workflow list.

To set up a notification to any workflows click on "Add Notification" button.

The email icon acknowledges that the workflow is associated with a notification.

STEP-3: Add Custom Attributes to Category

Finally, you can add custom attributes to the category, these attributes are available when you are adding a task.

There are 4 type of attributes Classe365 has:

  • Text

  • Textarea

  • Select

  • Checkbox


Quick Task Add

To quickly add a task, use the "+ Add New" button from the nav bar menu.

Select the category, and assign.

Adding From Category

To add tasks in the category, click on "➕Add Task" button.

Give all the info and save

CRM Submission - Add Task

Tasks can also be added from a CRM submission this is to ensure you stay updated to have a smooth onboarding of an applicant.

Go to CRM Module > View Submission > Add Task

You'll get all the tasks listed here.

When the assignee finishes the task, you can click on the task link to view or leave the comment.

View Tasks

Classe365 supports the following views:

  • Tasks List - Tabular list of all tasks

  • Board View - Kanban style tasks


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