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Classe365's Messaging Module (SMS)
Classe365's Messaging Module (SMS)

This document describes all about the messaging module in Classe365

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Classe365's Short Message Service (SMS) is a type of text messaging service used by mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It allows admins/teachers to send short text messages to other mobile phones. SMS messages are often used sending reminders, or alerting users, or sending notifications to students/parents.

To Send SMS

Go to Modules > Schedules & Communications > SMS

Click on "Compose"

In the next window, you can write the SMS, and target the recipients based on User Type, Class/Section of students.

Send SMS to Specific Group of Students/Parents

To send SMS to specific group or students/parents, go to Modules > Student Information System

Filter students by class/section or any custom field, select student records, and send email/SMS

In the next window, you can select the users (Parents/Students) and send SMS.

Configuring SMS Templates

Go to Org Settings > SMS Templates > Edit

Make sure to use the "Data Variables" provided in this block in each template.

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