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Managing Students

Setting up student's data and managing them.

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After the institution and the academics have been set up, it is now time to add the student's data

Let's take a look at the video ๐Ÿ“น which describes the student module.

Configuring Student Fields

Go to Modules > Student Information System > Student Fields

Here, you can build a student profile with all the attributes you need for a student.

Drag/Drop the fields from the left-panel to create a field into the field group.

When you expand a field, you can configure the field label, and do the validations.

The student attributes settings is applied for all students, just in case, you don't want to have the field's values visible to student/parent/teacher, you can always enable/disable "Visibility" settings from the field settings.

Adding Students

After setting up the students, it's time to add students, we have the following ways to enroll a student into SIS.

  1. Adding Student Record Manually

  2. Bulk Enrolling Students via Excel Sheet

  3. Creating an Enrollment/Re-enrollment Forms for students

1) Adding Student Record Manually

To add students manually, go to Modules > Student Information System > Students

Add Students

Now, you need to input the student values into the field's setup in the previous step.

2) Bulk Enrolling Students Via Excel Sheet

You can mass upload students information via Excel Sheet, to do so, sub-admin need to have permission from super-admins to Settings. If you already have, follow the steps below.

Go to Account > Org Settings

Import/Export > Export Students Data

This will give you an Excel sheet, which will contain all the student's information along with the student attributes setup in the first step.

You can preserve this file as a backup, and to add new students, you can duplicate.

Now, edit the file, add new student information and proceed to import.


  • Date fields should be in the format - yyyy-mm-dd

  • Admission Number should be unique

  • To update student records in bulk, keep the admission number field the same in both system and the uploading file.

  • Required fields are mandatory while uploading as well

  • Academics Info is mandatory it should contain
    - Academic Session
    - Class
    - Section
    - Enrollment Status (In Progress, Withdrawn, Upcoming, Incomplete)

After updating the exported file, use the "Import Data" button to add students in bulk.

3) Enroll/Re-enroll Students From CRM Form

To enroll students from Enrollment Form refer to this documentation.

To Re-enroll an existing student via CRM Re-enrollment form refer to this documentation.


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