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This article details out how you can create different certificates and assign it to students.

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You can create custom certificates in the Manage Certificates module.

Follow the steps below to guide you through the process.

STEP 1: Create a Template

You can create a new template by clicking the box highlighted below.

You can create a custom template, or you can also use the default templates we've provided.

STEP 2: Design a Certificate

You can build a custom template using the text editor.

Aside from that, you can use HTML to customize the design by adding in line CSS to the HTML tags.

STEP 3: Populate Data

You can use data variables to populate data to your template.

Classe365 Offers the following data variables:

  1. Student Attributes: You can populate any information that is on a student profile into the transcript.

  2. Enrollment Details: This will display all the student's enrollment information.

  3. Organization: This is the information on your organization, which was set from the Organization Settings page.

  4. Others: You can populate dates in your certificate

    • Certificate Created Date - This will display the date when the certificate was generated.

    • Current Date - This will display the user's current date. When printing, it will use the current date on which the transcript is being viewed.

  5. Custom Data Variables: The admin can add custom data variables in the transcript. By using this variable, the admin can write custom information for each student by manually editing their generated transcript.

STEP 4: Generate a Certificate

Once you've saved the certificate template, now you can assign it to your chosen students.

In the Templates tab, just click on the "Generate Certificates" icon of the certificate you want to use.

Here you can select the students which you want to generate the certificates for.

STEP 5: View Certificates

You can view all generated certificates from the Certificates tab.

Modifying the information of a "Custom Data Variable".

When you view a student's certificate, click over the custom data variable to edit its value.

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