Managing Assessments & Grading

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The teachers have access to some of the functionalities of managing assessment and grading. The administrator has full success to the Assessments & Grading Module.

In Grade setup, the teacher has access to managing weights only. Here the teacher can weigh the weights for different categories of assessments. Below is an example of managing weights for different categories of assessments.

Here the teachers can also add an assignment and grade the students for the particular assignment. To add an assignment, click on the Add tab on the top of the page and fill the assessment details. The below image shows an example of adding an assessment for a particular category.

Once the assessment is added, the teacher can grade the assessment, Here is an example of grading an assessment.

Report Card:

Classe365 supports printing out the report card as well save it in a PDF format (Please make sure you have the adobe reader installed for this). An example of a report card is shown below.

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