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Attendance Module

Manage Attendance for Administrators

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Classe365's attendance module is a feature that allows institutions to record and manage the attendance of students and staff digitally. It can help institutions to:

  • Save time and paper by eliminating the need for manual attendance registers and files.

  • Monitor and track the attendance patterns and trends of students, such as absenteeism, tardiness, leaves, etc.

  • Send notifications and alerts to parents and students about the attendance status, such as present, absent, late, etc.

  • Generate reports and analytics on the attendance data, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly summaries, graphs, charts, etc.

To begin recording attendance with Classe365 following the steps below:

STEP-1: Attendance Settings

Go to Modules > Student Information System > Attendance

And then, navigate to Settings tab.

Here, admin can configure to record the attendance either by:

  • Multiple Sessions (Example: Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

  • Subject Wise Attendance

To enable "Subject Wise" and "Session Wise" attendance, switch between "Yes" and "No". Please note that an organization can have both options enabled.

But be careful when making changes to settings after attendance has been captured, as it may result in the loss of current attendance records for students.

On the left side, admins can add custom "Attendance Status" such as "Tardy", "Sick Leave", etc.

Once the settings are configured, the next step is to record the attendance.

STEP-2: Capture Attendance

To capture attendance, head over to the tab "Manage" in the attendance module. Select the "Class/Section", "Subject/Session" and the date to record the attendance. Click on the drop-down arrow 🔻and "Mark all Present".

To write a comment, use the speech-bubble icon 🗨️ in the grid, and a comment box will be available to set the comments, these comments are visible to the student, and their parents, teacher, and admin staff.

STEP-3: Viewing the Attendance

Students can check their attendance, and the comments by logging into their portal on both web and mobile application, and going into their "Profile" tab.

Meanwhile, the admin and teachers can also view the attendance by visiting the student profile.

Attendance Submission Analytics:

The Attendance submission analytics is used to track the attendance for the mentioned time. This file can be exported for future use in an Excel format.

Generating Attendance Reports

Classe365 has the ability to generate the attendance report, go to Modules > Administration > Reports

Head over to the tab "Attendance" and "Reports" to download all the reports.

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