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How to Integrate PayPal with Classe365
How to Integrate PayPal with Classe365

This documentation helps admins to Integrate PayPal to Classe365 account.

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To integrate PayPal, first create a PayPal account, and login.

STEP-1: Go to

In the Top-right corner you get your account, click on the account username and Dashboard.

STEP-2: Once you get to your dashboard, scroll down create app section.

STEP-3: Click on Create App.

Give your application name, and choose sandbox developer account.

STEP-4: Once you create app, then you will be redirected to Sandbox Credentials/Live Credentials

STEP-5: Create Live app ID

Go back to My Apps & Credentials, and enable "LIVE".

Click on "Create App" button, and give the app a name.

Copy the credentials generated.

STEP-6: Login to your Classe365 Account.

Now Login to your Classe365 account, go to Account > Settings for your school > Payment Gateways > PayPal

STEP-7: Update "IPN" and "Auto Return" and "Payment data transfer" to complete the integration

Go back to your PayPal account - and login to your account, once logged navigate to Settings > Seller Tools

Auto Return Update

The auto-return feature for PayPal Payment Standard redirects payers back to your Classe365 account's webpage after completing the payment.

There under Websites Payment Preferences > Enable "Auto Return" and Set URL.

  • URL: https://{{subdomain}}

Payment data transfer

Scroll down, and enable "Payment Data Transfer".

IPN Update

PayPal will send IPN (Instant Payment Notification) to Classe365 webpage with the payment status which is going to be updated in Classe365 account.

Under My Account choose IPN Settings.

Enable "Receive IPN Messages" set the URL and save the settings.

  • Auto Return - https://<subdomain>

  • IPN - https://<subdomain>

You can get the IPN and Auto-return URL from your Classe365's Payment Gateway Settings Page.

If you need any help, please write us to [email protected] or use the "Live Chat" tool. :)

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