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This documentation helps students to understand the feature of new quiz section under LMS module

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A quiz is a form of game or mind sport, in which the players (as individuals) attempt to answer questions correctly. It is a game to test your knowledge about a certain subject. 

LMS quiz section contains the below types of questions:

  1. Multiple Choice - Students are allowed to choose one out of many.
    * Question title - Who is considered as the father of modern science
    ​                   * Options - Option-1 = Galileo, Option-2 = Newton, Option-3 = Einstein
    Students have to select one out of 3 options here, that is Option-1.

  2. Checkbox type - Students are allowed to choose more than one responses.
    * Question title - What is the shape of the moon?
    ​                   * Options - Option-1 = Round, Option-2 = Crescent, Option-3 = Square
    We know that moon is either Crescent or Round, students can choose both 1 & 2.

  3. True/False - This type of question is used when a clause/sentence is either said to be true or false.
     * Question title - Moon is either Crescent or Gibbous or Round ?
    ​                   * Options - Option-1 = TRUE, Option-2 = False
    Students need to select either "True" or "False" based on the clause.

  4. Fill in The Blanks -This type of question is used to complete a sentence with the correct answer.
    * Question title
    - The shape of the moon is either [blank] or [blank]
    ​                   * Options - Option-1 = Round, Option-2 = Crescent.
    Students need to fill in the blank to complete the sentence with correct answer.

  5. Matching - This type of question is used to match the question with the right answer.
      * Question title
    - Match the following
    ​                  * Options - Option-1 = Moon <=> Round, Option-2 = Book <=> Rectangle
    Students need to select the correct answer from the drop-down to match the question with correct answer.

  6.  Essay - This type of question is used to compose a essay on a topic given.
     * Question title
    - Write few lines about Moon.
    ​                   * Options - Not applicable  
    Students need to write few lines on the topic given, note there are restrictions on total number of characters which will be specified by the examiner. An alert will be shown if character limit exceeds.

  7.  File Upload - This type of question is used to submit any typed-in files which the examiner will decide the file formats. The available formats are i.e.,  PDF, Word and CSV.

    * Question Title -
    Upload a document on Moon Study.
    Students need to upload a file in any of the available drive, CD Drive, Flash Drive etc..

Taking Exam in LMS Quiz Section

Now that we've understood the types of questions available, let go ahead on taking exam:

Step-1: Log into Student Portal

Login to Student Portal using the credentials the admin has provided on either Text SMS/Email

If you haven't received credentials, please contact your admin to invite you with the credentials.

Step-2: Select Quiz under Learning Management System

Go to Modules > Learning Management System > Select Subject > Quiz > Start Quiz

Note: in the above example there are 2 types of quizzes.

  • Quiz-1 is not having date restriction so that students can take quiz whenever they are ready

  • Quiz-2 is having date restriction and time restriction to take up quiz.

  • There is another type where there is no time limit this is set by the examiner.

A new window opens and students can begin taking test using "Start Quiz" button.

Student's will have 3 side-menus when starting quiz:

  1. Overview - is used to show the basic info about the quiz like total number of questions, points to quiz, time limit, negative marking info.

  2. Start Quiz - here student begins the test by visiting questions.

  • If there are any questions shown "Required" then those questions are compulsory students should attempt them.

  • There are numeric values shown on top-of quiz showing the total questions, attempted questions, skipped and remaining questions need to attempt.

  • Students can visit any questions by clicking on the question which is already visited, if there are not visited then student cannot take up until visiting the question sequentially.

  • Student's can take a brake anytime by using the "Back to LMS" button on the top, by hitting "Back to LMS" the time won't be paused(time keeps running) but students can continue the quiz resuming the quiz within the time limit. Example: if the time limit is 90 minutes and student takes a break after 30 minutes, get back to quiz after 20 minutes short break now the students are allowed to continue the quiz the remaining 40 minutes.

  • When quiz is paused student's can logout and take a break and login after sometime to continue the quiz if end-date is not met yet.

3. Results:

This side menu is used to check results after completing the exam and valuation is processed the results will be available if the examiner sets the result on a particular day, then the result is available on that day.

That's it for now, please contact your organization administrator if you need any help or if you had any doubts.

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