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Linking students to parents and siblings management
Linking students to parents and siblings management

This article shows how to link students to parents and our auto linking feature

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Linking students to parents can either be done manually or Classe365 has the option to automatically assigns students to parents.

The automatic student to parent linking:

The main criteria that the system uses to automatically assign parents to students is the student default field having the field ID's below:

  • parents_contact

  • parents_email

If a parent's email and contact phone is the same between 2 or more students, Classe365 automatically assigns them as siblings.

Manually Linking Student Record to a Parent

You can only link a student with the parent record if the student record is not assigned with any Parent record.

If the student is already assigned to a different parent record, and you want to change this, then first unlink the student record from the incorrect parent record.

Unassign Child to Parent

Go to Modules > Student Information System > Parents > Filter Parent >

Then, click on "Remove Child" button.

Then, the student will be unassigned from the incorrect parent record.

To assign the student with the "Parent Record", filter the parent record and click on the "πŸ”— button"(link-icon).

It should take you to the page where it loads all student records who have parent unassigned. There you can find student record by name, and click on "Add as Child" button.


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