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Alumni add-on module, Managing Alumni Students.
Alumni add-on module, Managing Alumni Students.

All you need to know about Alumni Module.

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1. Who are Alumni students?

  • Alumni students are the students who are inactive.

  • The students who has completed their courses in the school and leave school for higher education.

2. How many students can I have in Alumni module?

  • Alumni module is our add-on module for unlimited students, to get the pricing info on Alumni module use this link.

3. How can I mark students as Alumni or inactive?

  • Go to Modules > Manage Students > Select Students > Alumni > Submit

All you need to know about Alumni Module

Alumni module is our add-on module used to capture the info on students who are in-active or students who have left the school to continue their higher education.

To access alumni students go to Modules > Manage Alumni

Click on the info-icon to view the student profile.

You can access student info and also create the Transfer Certificate (TC).

To create TC go to Transfer Certificate tab, create the fields as you would like to have it in the TC.

Here is an example of Transfer Certificate.

There might be some needs to revert Alumni students to Active Students, this can be achieved using the bulk option or one-click revert option.

  • One click Revert Alumni student.

    Go to Modules > Manage Alumni > Arrow Left icon >

  • Bulk revert Alumni students to active students.

    Go to Modules > Manage Alumni > Select Students > Active (Revert Alumni) > Submit

How can I bulk update Alumni student records or student profile info?

  • You can bulk update student records or mark active students to alumni under Settings > Settings for your_organization > Import /Export > Alumni

If you want to import active students to alumni, Import > Select File > Enable Status to Alumni > Map Fields > Import

To bulk update alumni student records, Export Alumni Students records, edit the rows in excel file and import back, make sure you have enabled Update Existing Records, and admission number of student should be same to bulk update records.

If you need any help please contact us on [email protected]

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