Student re-enrollment can be used for program transitions, such as when a student wants to be enrolled from one grade level to another. It can also be used for adding course enrollments, or for updating student information in the system.

Here are some specifications to guide you through managing the re-enrollment process.

`1. Set up the re-enrollment unique identifier - The identifiers are use for defining the fields you want the system to use for triggering re-enrollment. This setting can be found from the Manage Student Fields. When this is enabled, the system will use the select field as an identifier when checking if a student is existing in the system or not.

Example: Full Name is used as a unique identifier.

Aya Middleton is an existing student in the system. If they type their name in the form as Aya Middleton, the system will recognize that the student is already existing and therefore will prompt two options upon enrollment : New Enrollment or Re-enrollment.

2. Create a Student Pre-enrollment form. In the Fields/Attributes setting, map the form to the SIS - When linking fields from CRM to SIS, the system can identify if the linked field is a re-enrollment unique identifier.

3. Enroll students - When enrolling and the system has found an existing student, the Re-enrollment option will be enabled.

4. Merge Records - If it's a re-enrollment, the information submitted in the form will update the existing data they have in the system.

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