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How to distribute username & password to Students?
How to distribute username & password to Students?

This article describes how you can assign login credentials (username and password) to your students

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This option allows the administrators to maintain the portal details of the students. Information such as the username and login credentials is maintained. Only the existing students have the privilege to access the portal. For a new student to get access to the portal, the administrator has to create the profile of the student first before creating the username and login credentials.

Inviting Students

Go to Modules > Students

List of students will be rendered in the students listing table, filter or select the student records, and invite.

Modifying Credentials

Go to Modules > Students > Edit Credentials

You'll be taken to a page where you can change the login details.

To modify just the username, uncheck "Change Password" and update.

Setting "Admission Number" as Username for all students by default

Go to Modules > Student Fields

Expand "Admission Number" field

Now, the system will set usernames as admission numbers for all students which you'll be generating the credentials.

For already invited students the usernames will remain same, only for new students the usernames will be copied as admission numbers


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