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How to access student portal and change login details
How to access student portal and change login details

This documentation helps student to access the student portal and change the username and password provided by the administrator

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We understand how important it is for students to have login credentials that they can easily remember. By updating their login details, students will have the option to set a custom username or password of their choice. This can not only make the login process more personalized for them, but it can also help them remember their login details more easily.

STEP-1: Login to Student's Portal

Please check with your organization admin team, or your teacher to get the login invitation. The login invitation should've the username, password and the URL to login. Click on the link received on your invitation, and login as student.

STEP-2: Update Login Details

By default, the student should see the password change popup as soon as they login for the first time. For older accounts, you can change the password from "Personal Settings".

Then, go to Edit Login Credentials


 Uncheck "Change Password" if you want to simply change the username.


 Here, just use the current password, and the new password to update the password or update the username.

Questions? Contact your teacher/admin staff

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