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Twilio Integration with Classe365
Twilio Integration with Classe365

This documentation takes you through a tour integrating Twilio SMS gateway with Classe365

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Twilio SMS integration is required for educational organizations that want to send notifications to their students, parents, and staff via text messages. Some of the benefits of Twilio SMS integration for schools are:

  • It enables institutions to send timely and relevant information to their target audience, such as reminders, alerts, notifications, announcements, etc.

  • It helps schools to improve their customer satisfaction and retention by providing a convenient and personalized communication channel.

  • Likewise, it reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple communication platforms and services.

To integrate Twilio SMS service with Classe365, please follow the steps below:

STEP-1: Log in / Sign up with Twilio

You can go to Twilio webpage and start for free.

If you already have an account, just "Login" and proceed to next step.

STEP-2: Obtain Credentials to Integrate with Classe365

After logging in to your dashboard, go to "Account > API keys & tokens"

STEP-2.1: Create API Key

Click on "Create API Key"

Set the following:

  • Friendly Name - Any name of your choice

  • Region - Your desired region

  • Key type - Standard

Click "Create", and copy the keys generated into document, and we need to use this in Classe365 account.

Secret is displayed only once, so copy this and preserve in a known location

STEP-2.2: Get Sender Number

To obtain the sender number, go to "Develop > Phone Numbers > Active Numbers".

If you don't have a number, click on "Buy a number", and select the number and purchase one.

If you still need to have a custom alphanumeric sender number, contact Twilio, and they'll help you get one.

STEP-3: Set Credentials into Classe365 Account

Log in to your Classe365 account, and navigate to Modules > Administration > App Settings

Click on Twilio Logo, and set the following:

  1. Account SID

  2. Auth Token

  3. From Number

To copy the SID and Auth Token, you can refer to the "Twilio's API Keys Page". Please use "Live Credentials" when you are in "production", for evaluation you can use the "Test Credentials".

That's it, you are all set to use your SMS gateway in Classe365!

Please check the full list of countries that support Alphanumeric Sender ID, as well as which countries require pre-registration, here: International support for Alphanumeric Sender ID

If a country supports Alpha Sender ID and does not list pre-registration as "Required," you can start using Alpha Sender ID right away from the Organization Profile > Custom Sender ID: we’ll send Alpha Sender ID as the "From" parameter in our API requests to Twilio. Please note, a valid Alpha Sender ID must follow the formatting rules listed in this article: Alphanumeric Sender ID - Formatting Requirements and Using With Messaging Services

If a country we want to send SMS to has Alpha Sender ID registration listed as "Required," then you'll need to contact Twilio, they can determine if your use case is eligible for pre-registration.

Example: All Australian customers need to have alphanumeric sender ID pre-registered.

Below are a couple more resources that you may find helpful:

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