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The Social Discussions Module in a Classe365 allows students to communicate with each other and their instructor in an online setting. This module enables students to post questions, comments, and ideas related to their course material, as well as read and respond to posts from their peers. This module also allows instructors to provide feedback and further guidance on the topics being discussed. With this module, students can work together and collaborate on projects and assignments, and can even engage in virtual debates to further their understanding of the course content. The Discussions Module encourages an open dialogue between students and their instructor, and can provide a more engaging learning experience.

Go to Modules > Schedules & Communications > Social Discussions

Generally, the post written in the "General Discussions" are visible to all teachers, admins, and students (if shared with all users).

Teachers will receive an email notification, as soon as a student publishes a post here.

To share files, use the "πŸ“Ž" button.

You can always, reply a comment, and like others posts in this module.


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