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This article describes how you can customize the Class, Section and Subject offerings for each of your Academic Session

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Program offerings may vary year-on-year for each school. It can be influenced by factors such as student demand, course availability or faculty expertise. It is therefore important that schools have the flexibility to adapt their programs, making it relevant and engaging for student to be more empowered in achieving their academic and professional goals.

In Classe365, you can customise your program offerings for each of your Academic Session though the Enable/Disable function.

Before we get started, make sure to give the following articles a quick read. It will help you be more familiarized with some of the terms and settings used in this feature.

Once your Academic Structure has been set up in the Manage Academics page, you can now go ahead with identifying which Class, Section and Subjects to enable/disable for certain Academic Sessions.

First, identify an Academic Session.

Once you are in an Academic Session, you can go ahead with enabling/disabling Class, Section or Subjects.

Note that you can disable an offering individually or in bulk.

Here are some key points to keep in mind for this feature:

  • You can only disable Class, Section and Subjects if it has no data linked to that Academic Session. Some example of relevant data are:

    • Student enrolments

    • Grades

    • Attendance

    • Teacher- Subject Allocation

  • Disabling a Class, Section, Subject will not delete any relevant data from your account. It will only hide that specific offering from certain pages in the system, which will allow for easier navigation of admins and teachers.

  • Here's an example to help you visualize how this setting will be applied.

    In 2023-2024 School Year, the following subjects have been disabled - Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Management

    Now, these subjects will not be listed anymore in the Class, Section Subject bar. As you can see below, only the remaining subjects - Design Thinking and Change Management are available for the Fall section.

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