EqualWeb Integration

This article describes how you can integrate EqualWeb with Classe365

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EqualWeb is a platform that can help make your digital content accessible for the benefit of people with disabilities. It offers accessibility and other advanced internet applications like the ff:

  • Screen Reader Adjustment

  • Keyboard Navigation

  • Smart Navigation

  • Voice commands

  • Color Adjustment

Integration Steps:

1. Create an account with Equal Web

2. In your newly created account, go to "Add new site"

3. In this page, put in your Classe365 account name under the domain box.

While in the website platform box, select "Other Platform".

Click Next .

4. You can manage the design aesthetic of your EqualWeb widget here.

5. Next, copy the Accessibility code that will be shared to you.

6. Finally, paste the code in your Classe365 and click "Enable this integration".


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